Goodland provides catering for camps on all our camp sites.  Please view our menu options and complete the booking form accordingly.


Menu Options 


1. Cornflakes /  Weetbix / Pap, milk, bread & jams, fresh fruit R35
2. Cornflakes /  Weetbix / Muesli, fruit yoghurt, milk, bread & jams, fresh fruit R40
3. Russians, gravy, baked eggs, Cornflakes/ Weetbix, milk toast bread, jams, fresh fruit R45
4. Cocktail sausages, gravy, scrambled eggs, Cornflakes / Weetbix, milk bread & jams, fresh fruit R50



1. Russian, chips, bread R40
2. Hotdogs, potato salad R45
3. Hamburger, salad R45
4. Macaroni and cheese, salad R45
5. Macaroni/ pap and Mince, salad R50
6. Baked Chicken, rice, baked potatoes, 2 x veggies, salad, baked pudding and custard R60

7. Chicken a al King, rice, veggis, salad R60


1. Soup, bread, butter jam R35
2. Vetkoek and mince R45
3. Cottage pie, mixed vegetables, mixed salad R50
4. Curry beef stew with pap or rice, banana salad, tomato, onion, chutney and coconut R55
5. Barbeque: Two meats Chicken/ boerewors/ pork, pap gravy, 2 x salads R70


Extra Per Person Per Meal

1. Chips R5
2. Rusks/ Muffins/ Cookies R10
3. Coffee. tea and 100% fruit juice R5
4. Coffee, tea and 100% fruit juice for 6 meals R25


*  Tuck shop available per arrangement.

*  Small-group service fee per weekend - for groups of less that 25 = R500