GOODLAND ESTATE is a Christian establishment that has been dedicated to the Lord.
We have been blessed so richly by the Lord that we earnestly seek to channel this blessing to everyone who comes through our gates.
We have also been blessed very richly by visiting groups who have established ‘places of worship’ through their committed worship on our land.
We sincerely wish every visitor to be touched by the living presence of the Lord on our land, and to experience his blessing, peace, healing and regeneration.
We believe that every visitor passing through has an impact and makes a difference – either positively or negatively. We are deeply grateful for every thought, word or deed that actively seeks to honour the Lord’s presence on our land. And we are deeply concerned about anything that casually or purposefully dishonours Him.
In this vein we actively discourage excessive use of alcohol, music that is heard outside the walls of the building where it is played, noisy quadbikes, littering, etc.
And we welcome every visitor who reveres and enjoys this wonderful world created for and entrusted to us.

(Psalm 23)


1. At Lockdown Level 1 Goodland Fountain accommodates 60-100 persons, Kamp Reynard accommodates 20-30 and Casa Riparia accommodates 10.

2. Subminimum occupation: Goodland Fountain 60, Kamp Reynard 20, Casa Riparia 10.

2. Vacating rooms after 9am on weekdays will be charged as a separate day. The use of the venue after 9am on the day of departure has to be pre-booked as a separate day and will be charged at the venue day fee.

3. Weekend bookings assume arrival Friday 17:00 and departure by Sunday 14:00, vacating bedrooms before noon.

4. Beds with mattress and fitted sheets are supplied. Visitors must bring their own duvets, blankets, pillows and towels.

5. Visitors must bring their own crockery (cups and plates) and cutlery (knives, forks and spoons).

6. Bedrooms and dorms must be vacated before 8:00 am on the day of departure except on Sundays.

7. Programmes must end by 10:00 pm and lights-out is no later than 11:00 pm.

8. No alcohol, fireworks, or loud music is allowed.


Booking Conditions:


The following deposits are payable to secure a booking:

  • Goodland Fountain -  R3000
  • Kamp Reynard - R2000
  • Casa Riparia - R1000

Your booking will only be confirmed when the funds are reflected in our bank account, and we have received your signed booking form.

Final payments are made one week before the camp.



COVID-19 Lockdown Policy: If a change in Lockdown level after November 2020 force a camp to be cancelled the full deposit will be refunded. 

Apart from Lockdown, if cancellation is made more than two months before the camp date, 50% of the deposit paid will be refunded.

Cancellation within two months of the camp date will result in loss of deposit unless we are still able to fill the date with another booking.